Die Nackten Und Die Reichen (1982)

Die Nackten Und Die Reichen
Gérard Kikoine
Ribu Film
Anna Veruska
Brigitte Verbecq
Christine Black
Elodie Delage
Jutta Colpet
Marie-Claude Moreau
Marilyn Jess
Monika Egger
82 min
507 MB
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Die Nackten Und Die Reichen
Piotr Stanislas comes into money by swindling three banks in Paris. He then goes home and wakes up his girlfriend (Anna Veruska) by showering her with banknotes. After they celebrate physically, however, we see no more of her because, on his way to Brazil, he stops off to a villa in Ibiza to divide the spoils. There he peeps on Marilyn Jess having sex with her boyfriend, meets Alban and Brigitte Verbecq and then Christine Black and her blonde friend (XNK0429). He has sex with Brigitte while Christine and the blonde entertain Alban. Then they entertain Pjotr at the poolside. On the beach he meets a brunette (XNK0647), Elodie Delage (as a blonde) and a black girl (Marie-Claude Moreau). He takes them back to the villa and they are in the middle of a foursome when Marilyn Jess and Gil arrive. they all go off to hire a yacht, persuading the captain to leave them to it. He departs carrying a blow-up doll. While Pjotr and Marilyn are having sex on the roof of the bridge, Elodie Delage and the brunette are having g/g sex on the bow. Then they join Marilyn and Pjotr. Then they all go back to the villa. Marilyn Jess goes off on her motorbike and entices several bikers into a race. she is not too upset when two of them catch her, however, and a threesome follows. The final scene is a party by the pool which turns into an orgy.
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