La Ruee Vers Laure (1996)

La Ruee Vers Laure
Marc Dorcel
Marc Dorcel
Anita Dark
Olivia DelRio
Roberto Malone
Lea Martini
Laure Sainclair
Christophe Clark
Christina Black
Philippe Dean
Maria Glasgow
81 min
656 MB
DivX 4 - resolution: 448x336 - quality: 
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La Ruee Vers Laure
Laure Sinclair is an absolutely stunning French triple-X diva who has, in a very short period of time, made a resounding name for herself with porn stars around the world. Laure is best-known for the incredible measure of personal involvement she brings to her roles - this is a real woman we see before us on the screen, not a hardened porn pro phoning in her performance. She stars here in a role which takes her beyond her usual limits, and which showcases her amazing brand of eroticism in a role which seems tailor-made for her unique blend of talents. The story goes like this. When Laure goes to bed one night, she's a bit of a prude - she doesn't really like sex much, and she only does it when she feels it's required of her. This is of course a bit of a drag for her man Christoph Clark. But when she wakes up one morning with a dizzying case of amnesia, Laure doesn't know who she used to be. Christoph is all too happy to help her remember, but the self he's going to help her remember has somewhat different attitudes about sex. Look for the blistering - and for Laure very rare - d.p. sequence here in which the mesmerizing Ms. Sinclair sets the screen alight. Scene 1 Lea Martini +Christophe Clark Scene 2 Lea Martini + David Perry Scene 3 Sarah McLean + guy Scene 4 Laure Sainclair, Sarah McLean, brunette Scene 5 Laura Sainclair (Anal), Olivia Del Rio + David Perry & guy Scene 6 brunette, Laure Sainclair (Facial) + Christophe Clark, David Perry, Scene 7 Laure Sainclair (Anal) + Philippe Dean Scene 8 Rosemary Ward (A2M, Facial), Olivia Del Rio (Anal) + Christophe Clark Scene 9 Rosemary Ward + Philippe Dean Scene 10 Laure Sainclair (Anal, Facial), Rosemary Ward (Anal, Facial) + Christophe Clark Scene 11 Laure Sainclair (DP) + David Perry & guy Scene 12 Laure Sainclair, Kristina Black (Facial), Anita Dark (Anal), Sarah McLean + Roberto Malone, Philippe Dean, David Perry
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